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Marriage and Relationship Counseling

As a Marriage Counselor in Burbank Cheri Townsend a Licensed relationship expert can help you gain more of an understanding of what may be hindering your growth or uncover communication problems you may have in your relationships. So, whether you have been fighting with your spouse more frequently or continue to struggle with your communication, please be sure do something about it soon. Now is a great time to take your life and relationships seriously by getting the right help. Perhaps you are facing other challenges in your relationships or simply need additional support in dealing with stress or good decision-making in your life. If you are feeling anxious and can't connect your anxiety with anything you are doing, talking with Cheri can help bring understanding and a course to relieve those anxious feelings.

Secure loving and intimate relationships are crucial to our overall well-being. However being in this type of relationship requires a lot of hard work and the right skills to make it happen. It is critical that as a couple you both take time to gain and improve your relationship skills as years pass by. How much time are you spending regularly together consistently and regularly to grow your marriage and grow closer to each other.

Everyone faces struggles in life and some struggles challenge our ability to function at our best. If you feel stuck in your life, Cheri can help you move forward so that you don't have to face this alone. Please contact her and meet with her for a few times and find out for yourself.

Christian Counseling
Marriage and Couples Counseling
Divorce Recovery Counseling
Pre-marital Counseling
Grief Counseling
Therapy for Depression and Anxiety
Work or Career Issues
Life Transitions
Stress Management
Conflict Resolution

In addition to marriage counseling the following are additional issues that I can help you with :

  • Pre-marital Counseling
  • Christian Counseling with couples
  • Parenting Support
  • Grief Counseling
  • Depression
  • Any Losses in Life
  • Anxiety
  • Work and Career issues
  • Life After Divorce
  • Stress Management
  • Relationship Difficulties
  • Navigating Transitions
  • Restoring Trust
  • Deepening Intimacy
  • Developing Your Creative Side as an Artist (Cheri has an extensive experience and knowledge working with the Hollywood Entertainment Industry)
  • Culturally-Sensitive Therapy for Multi-Cultural and African-American Individuals, Couples, and Families
  • Loss of a pet

If there are issues that you do not see on this page and you have questions about, please feel free to call her at (818) 650-2337 and together you can discuss a possible plan of action.

Love is that deep emotional need that people have and/or desire. It is the sense that the other person in the relationship genuinely cares about you. When you have a sense of this, there can be a calmness to life. The need for love is fundamental to who we are as humans. However, sometimes people don't have the healthy relationship skills to experience this or even choose the person who would be right for them. Now can be the time to meet with the right therapist for you who can walk with you through this journey as you do some appropriate self-reflection. You can meet with Cheri a few times and find out for yourself.

As a marriage therapist, she works with a wide range of emotional and behavioral issues in a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. She offers a highly approach tailored to each of her client's individual needs to help attain the personal growth they’re striving for at this point in their life. Don't postpone your needs any longer contact her today.


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