Hope For Your Relationship and Your Marriage

Is your relationship stuck? Do you have the same recurring argument that never seems to get settled in your marriage? Are you hurting in your relationship while neither of you know how to move to a better place? Do you feel unseen and misunderstood by those closest to you?

There is hope for your relationship and your marriage today. No matter how deep your hurt or how rooted the issue in your relationship may be, I believe all things are possible. We were designed to connect with others in relationships. We are meant to thrive in relationships. As men and women we are designed to receive and give love. Sometimes with the right Marriage Therapist you can rejuvenate a good marriage, rescue a relationship in conflict or restore a marriage when the relationship feels broken from betrayal and infidelity. You can move to a better place by taking the right step to get help either as an individual or as a couple.

You can get help and learn new relationship skills, and learn what destroys love and marriage. Through the process of couple’s therapy you can learn how to re-define the husband and wife’s roles. You can learn to communicate on a deeper level than before.

Your relationship does not have to be a source of pain. Seeking awareness and engaging with one another through the right type of a dialogue, knowing how to explore your thoughts and feelings with each other as you listen, validate and finally resolve. This is a special and unique process that can be learned through the right type of relationship therapy. As a result of counseling you can learn new skills for the purpose of drawing closer to each other, be vulnerable and make your needs to be known without arguing or reacting. Please don’t ignore your relationship challenges. Letting time pass by will not remove your problems. Call me and let me be part of the process of helping you to get to a better place. Call me today at (818)650-2337 .

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