Rates For Marriage Counseling

Marriage Counseling Rates & Office Policies for Cheri Townsend in Burbank

Counseling Rate :
$140 per 50-minute Counseling Session

Cash, credit card, or check

Cancellation Policy
Cheri Townsend office cancellation for appointments made with her is a 24-hour cancellation requirement which means you will responsible for payment if you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours from the scheduled appointment or if you do not show up. You are expected to pay any outstanding or unpaid balances in the beginning of your next session after cancellation or no shows.

Insurance Information
Counseling services under mental health services may be covered in full or in part by your health insurance or employee benefit pan. Cheri Townsend's Counseling office may be able to honor Kaiser insurance. Be sure to contact her first.

If you wish to use your PPO, please be sure to call your insurance carrier and ask them specific questions about your coverage for an out of network therapist. Only under PPO find out how they might cover out of network therapists. Cheri can only provide you with a receipt at the end of each month. It will be your responsibility to file in your claims directly with your insurance and get reimbursed. You are required to make your payment at each session directly to Cheri's office per visit. Please be sure ask any other questions you have by calling Cheri at her number at the bottom of this page.

Cheri Townsend's Counseling office does not bill insurance companies, also her office does not accept payments from insurance companies. She has no control or knowledge about what insurance companies do with the information she may provide or who may access that information. Please be aware that there is a certain amount of risk to your confidentiality and privacy associated wtih submitting a mental health receipts for reimbursement. Please keep this in mind.

  • Do I have mental health insurance benefits?
  • What is my deductible and has it been met?
  • How many sessions per year does my health insurance cover?
  • What is the coverage amount per therapy session or what percentage of cost do they cover?
  • Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Questions? Please contact me for further information at (818)650-2337 

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