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Cheri Townsend's counseling services helps individuals and couples who struggle with their communication style in their marriages and relationships. She has extensive experience helping adult individuals and couples who are going through challenges while dating, preparing for marriage, or in the marital relationship. Cheri's office is located blocks away from Warner Bros studios & Disney Studios.

If you are struggling and feeling stuck in your relationship and you are repeating the same old patterns in your marriage, please don't put these important issues off anymore. Problems get worse if not taken seriously and addressed. 

Many couples seek a marriage counselor when their marriage is stressed or falling apart. Experience and research confirms that effective marriage counseling can help you grow if both partners are invested, committed to do this work, and stay focused on making changes. As you may know divorce is an extremely painful process.  Good marriage counseling is an investment in your life and your marriage.   In Cheri Townsend's counseling offic,  your counseling includes 100% confidential assessment and care.   Cheri has a special knowledge, experience and a great understanding of working with artists and creative individuals who need additional support working in the entertainment culture of the Hollywood.  Your willingness to reach out for professional counseling is a sign of strength and wisdom.  You can have the freedom to live a life that is healthier and more meaningful.    You are in the right place and I can help you.  Cheri Townsend can help you feel empowered by helping you live your life with more passion and purpose, gain more confidence and courage, and live with more inspiration, motivation, and love.   Furthermore, she feels passionate about helping individuals identify and understand the thoughts and the beliefs which keep them from feeling good about themselves. It is important to take the time to look at the belief system that gets in the way of you living your life to its fullest.   People tend to seek counseling when they are experiencing crisis, feeling deeply hurt, or stuck in relationships. Don't wait too long to get help for yourself or your relationship.   From time to time everyone goes through those seasons in life that getting professional help. Seeking counseling is a sign of wisdom and health.  Don't put off dealing with the problems in your relationships. The longer you wait the more difficult it will be for you. Cheri is invested in finding the right the right and helpful therapeutic ways to help you move forward and reach your goals. She is deeply committed to providing you a safe and confidential environment so that you can share your worries and discover the patterns that keep you from a happy life.   As a relationship therapist, she can help you uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. While we can't change difficult situations of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve challenges in your life. By applying complementary therapy approaches and techniques, together we will unearth long-standing behavior patterns or negative perceptions that may be holding you back from experiencing a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

As a Burbank Marriage and Family Therapist feels passionate about helping individuals (all ages) couples and families. Cheri Townsend's office is located in the city of Burbank in the heart of Toluca Lake. Many of her clients come from nearby cities such as Studio City, Hollywood Hills West Valley Village Studio City and Hollywood.  Ms. Townsend's Burbank counseling office is very close to major freeways in Los Angeles.

Cheri Townsend has flexible office hours including weekends and will do everything she can to accommodate you with your calendar. Feel free to call her at (818) 650-2337 for a consultation today. Don't wait any longer. Call Today.

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